I write elegant, human-friendly code optimized for efficiency and scalability. I believe in tackling difficult problems and developing a deep understanding of their solutions. I have expertise in end-to-end, full-stack development and years of experience designing, implementing, and deploying customer-facing web applications.

JavaScript React Redux Node.js Ruby Ruby on Rails Sinatra PostgreSQL SCSS LESS Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator



JavaScript React Redux Node.js SCSS

Peer-to-peer, in-browser, multiplayer snake game. Created to explore peer-to-peer architectures and their challenges for a fast, reflex-based game.

  • Co-creator and end-to-end developer
  • Implemented conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs)
  • Optimized for real-time multiplayer gaming
  • Used a predictive model for real-time effect in the presence of latency
  • Researched and implemented the most efficient peer-to-peer network topology for our use case


JavaScript React Redux LESS MEI: Music Encoding Initiative Verovio

Open-source software for encoding and engraving music documents.

  • Core contributor to open-source project
  • Implemented PDF viewer, background saving, and save status indicator
  • Refactored toolbars as reusable components; improved usability and uniformity of UI


JavaScript LESS MEI: Music Encoding Initiative Verovio

Package (add-on) for the Atom text editor. Uses the Verovio music engraving library to provide on-the-fly music notation rendering for MEI, an open-source XML system for the semantic encoding of music documents.

  • Deployed to the official Atom package registry
  • Supports the use of Atom as a no-cost XML editor in the MEI community
  • Lowers barriers to entry (cost, technical savvy) for new music encoders

C2M2: Collections of Cinema and Media Music

Ruby Sinatra PostgreSQL LESS JavaScript

Database of archival collections of film and media music. Co-created with Michael W. Harris, Ph.D.

  • Designed and optimized relational database according to specifications of co-creator
  • Implemented database views to simplify and standardize queries for various categories (composer, director, country of origin, etc.)


Ruby Ruby on Rails JavaScript React

Clone of Trello project management software with Rails API and React front end.


I hold a Ph.D. in Music from the University of Colorado at Boulder. My research, publications, and conference presentations concern European music of the 15th and 16th centuries. I am an experienced teacher of music at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

At the intersection of software development and music research, I am involved in semantic music encoding and digital edition-making, as well as the development of tools for these purposes and technologies for music education broadly.